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"I decided to just take a few moments to let you in on a valuable secret. OARS for Women Veterans has benefited greatly from our membership with Washington Nonprofits. We are able to find resources which can help us grow as an organization. We are growing while staying prudent; we are building networks far into the future. Our Service Women have better lives because of WN."      
- Julia Sheriden, Co-Founder and President

We invite you to join WN's growing membership dedicate to strengthening the nonprofit sector in Washington! All across the State of Washington, nonprofit organization, foundations, for-profit organization supporting nonprofits, government agencies and individuals are joining this growing network.

Top Ten Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Join Washington Nonprofits

  1. Amplify your voice. Join your nonprofit peers in advancing critical policy issues affecting the nonprofit sector in our state and communities.
  2. Make an Impact. It’s all about achieving your mission. With the right skills and tools, you can measure your organization's effectiveness and communicate the value your nonprofit brings to your community. 
  3. Build Your Capacity. To lead and manage your nonprofit more effectively, attend trainings and conferences on essential topics such as fundraising, marketing, advocacy, governance, collaboration, managing your staff and volunteers, building your board, technology and leadership skills. These opportunities take your nonprofit to its next level of operational growth, and help it achieve new outcomes.
  4. Join the Conversation. Network with your peers: share ideas, and exchange solutions online and in person.
  5. Increase Resources. Get information on funding opportunities, marketing and communicating with funders, technical assistance about fundraising software and databases, learn how to diversify your income and make connections with potential board members and others to raise funds to support your mission.
  6. Grow! Learn Leadership Skills. Acquire new skills, hear about trends that matter as you lead your organization into the future, and as you strengthen your own leadership skills, help build a stronger nonprofit sector in your state.
  7. Save Money. Benefit from discounts on products and services that are available only to members of the state association.
  8. Save Time. Get fast and reliable answers to your management and governance questions.
  9. Foster Collaboration. Create strategic partnerships to serve your clients more effectively.
  10. Strive for Excellence. Honor standards of ethical practice, accountability and transparency that advance the sector.
As a WN Member your organization will be part of shaping Washington Nonprofits for the future!
  • Join in discussions of new programs, future conferences and scholarship programs.
  • Join to make new connections with nonprofit colleagues across the state.
  • Join to make sure your needs are met and your voice is heard.


Upcoming Events


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