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Revolutionize the way you accomplish your mission.

Join us on May 17th at the 2016 Washington State Nonprofit Conference to explore ways human centered design can connect people, transform programs and advance causes. Join over 700 nonprofit and community leaders to listen, learn, share your ideas and make our desired future a reality.

For more information and to register, go to the conference website:


OMB Guidance: What is it? Why is it important?
The National Association of Counties (NACo) published an article  that makes the case for county governments to fully implement the OMB Uniform Guidance.

Advocacy is a part of every Board Member's Duty
Sonya Campion's article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy highlights the success that can happen if 20 million board members embraced advocacy as one of the 10 basic responsibilities of nonprofits boards. 

Using Data to Build Nonprofit Advocacy.
Rick Anderson of Washington Nonprofits writes about serving the social sector with data, and what we can learn from its analysis. <Read More>

Nonprofit Employment Data from BLS
The charitable nonprofit sector employed at least 11.4 million people in 2012, representing 10.3 percent of total non-military employment, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) covering years 2007 to 2012. 

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2/4 - ONLINE: Nonprofit Boards: Introducing Boards in Gear More

2/11 - PULLMAN: Boards in Gear workshop  More

2/12+26 - ABERDEEN: Volunteer Management, 2-Part Series More

2/18 - SEATTLE: Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits (FUN) More

2/18 - CALL: What You Need To Know to Serve on a Nonprofit Board (2 times available!)  More

2/22 - SPOKANE: Boards in Gear Workshop  More

2/25 - Nonprofit Finance 101 More *BY POPULAR DEMAND!

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