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First Lady Trudi Inslee joined Washington Nonprofits in the Spokane area on October 27th for another community visit highlighting important cross sector work. This photo shows Ms. Inslee reading the Inslee’s book to a kindergarten class at Sunset Elementary School. We heard about Sunset's pre-kindergarten programs for parents and children. Lunch was a wonderful, made from scratch chicken quesadilla, highlighting healthy, locally grown food served each day to students and staff. The school works closely with nonprofit organizations to bring innovative programs to their students and families.

WN is partnering with capacity builders, northwest nonprofit state associations, and philanthropic organizations to move our sector to be stronger and more influential. Read More in our Annual Report.

Get paid for all your indirect costs.

It’s finally official:  Thanks to advocacy efforts of 37 State Assocations and their nonprofit members across the country, the federal Office of Management and Budget has published its Uniform Guidance mandating, among other things, that local, state, and federal governments hiring nonprofits to deliver services must pay those nonprofits the reasonable indirect costs that they incur.

Tim Delaney, CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, says: 
"The federal government has stepped forward to help stop the nonprofit starvation cycle and begin erasing the overhead myth. It’s now up to nonprofits and state and local governments to turn the promise of the change into reality for individuals, communities served, and taxpayers. "

To read more about the topic see the 12/19/14 Press Release and the history of the OMB change


Washington Nonprofits has launched a new initiative that provides an innovative new finance training resource to nonprofits and their volunteer board members. Called “Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits”, FUN breaks with traditional nonprofit financial training in providing fun, interactive learning opportunities that work for busy board members. LEARN MORE HERE>

Boomerang -  New Funding Stream for Nonprofits 
Now there is a new way to “give back” that could end up redefining a generation and giving countless nonprofits an all new support source. Senior are pledging to donate their discounts. See for more info>

Stand for Your Mission
At Boardsource's annual conferenc in October 2014, the "Stand for Your Mission" campaign was launched– urging greater advocacy by nonprofit board members. 

Using Data to Build Nonprofit Advocacy.
Rick Anderson of Washington Nonprofits writes about serving the social sector with data, and what we can learn from its analysis. <Read More>

Nonprofit Employment Data from BLS
The charitable nonprofit sector employed at least 11.4 million people in 2012, representing 10.3 percent of total non-military employment, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) covering years 2007 to 2012. 

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